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Here's what our students are saying ...

"Tom Antion is one of those rare mentors where everything he has suggested works and works big time. I started his program in August of 2006. Since then I have worked very hard to implement all of the strategies I learned from Tom. I'm thrilled to say this month in August of 2007, I will have enjoyed my two best months on the internet in June and July, and August is well on the way to being the same if not the best. In June I brought in $17,000."

"While writing this testimonial, another order came in with the sweet sound of 'kaching' coming from my computer. Excuse me, I have to go see who my 'new best friend' is............."

Jeff Herring
The Article Guy &

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Jeff Herring

The Blog Squad owes a heck of a lot to Tom Antion

Since working with Tom we've tripled our revenues and our growth has been phenomenal

We do the work and we implement what Tom suggests. He shares what is working for him and then we fit those ideas into our business model.

We've used many of his tips to increase sales.

Our list has grown from 1500 to over 9000

He is so generous. I can't imagine not having Tom on our team.

If you're looking for a great person to work with to build your business (as long as you're willing to do the work), then Tom's your man.

Patsi Krakoff
& Denise Wakeman
The Blog Squad

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  1. Picking Keywords
    Tom Antion
    Picking keywords is the FIRST thing you should do before creating or overhauling a website. . . . keep reading

  2. The Reason Why Technique
    Tom Antion
    As usual I'm not going to get into any deep theory here. I'm just going to tell you about a tested copywriting technique that works. You see and hear it everyday if you listen to the radio, or watch TV or read the newspaper. . . . keep reading

  3. How to Use This Membership Site
    Tom Antion
    If you are reading this, that means you have already joined the site and have had your membership upgraded to full access. . . . keep reading

  4. Terms of Use
    We invite our subscribers to enjoy all the features this site has to offer. But we must require that each subscriber abide by certain rules so that no one's rights are stepped on. . . . keep reading

  5. Indoctrination, tools and skills page
    Tom Antion
    Joint Venture Program Tools, Skills and Reasons . . . keep reading

  6. Installing Plugins
    .video-js {background-color: transparent; top: 8px; margin: 0 auto;} li a.get:link, li a.get:visited {color: #04b604; font-weight: bold;} img . . . keep reading

  7. Wordpress Website Creation Checklist
    Tom Antion
    This step-by-step Wordpress blog creation checklist will help you create your blog to easiest and fastest way possible. . . . keep reading

  8. What to Do BEFORE you Ask Tom to Review Your Sales Letter
    While I'm on the subject of sales letters I can tell you that it's WORK to write a sales letter. I can also tell you that it can pay you off enormously. . . . keep reading

  9. Changing Your Log-In Information
    . . . keep reading

  10. Using Wordpress
    .video-js {background-color: transparent; top: 8px; margin: 0 auto;} img {border: 0;} *, p, li {font-size: 14px;} .vjs-default-skin .vjs-big- . . . keep reading

  11. How to Create Quality Products Out of Nothing
    Tom Antion
    In this teleclass Tom discusses: Where to find ideas for products that will sell . . . it's easy once you know where to look, how to write the ads to recruit outsourcing help, the simple equipment and software you need if you want to create products yourself, and much more. . . . keep reading

  12. Installing Wordpress
    .video-js {background-color: transparent; top: 8px; margin: 0 auto;} .video-js.vjs-fullscreen { position: fixed; overflow: hidden; z-index: 100 . . . keep reading

  13. Wordpress Plugin list version 4/11/2011
    Tom Antion
    The following is a list of plug-ins for Wordpress that we have used. This is by no means a comprehensive list and this doesn't mean one of these plug-ins is right for you. (It's possible it won't work or even make sense with your chosen theme) . . . keep reading

  14. How to Use Snip URL
    Colin shows you how to use Snip URL . . . keep reading

  15. Rap Session 8/10/08
    Tom Antion
    In this Rap Session Tom discusses his new affiliate program, making products, copywriting and much more. . . . keep reading

  16. Urgency Technique - Tom shows you how to make more money faster
    Tom discusses his urgency technique. Using this easy technique, you can get more sales, faster. . . . keep reading

  17. Wordpress Setup
    img {border: 0;} *, p, li, a:link {font-size: 14px;} Congratulations! You've installed Wordpress! In THIS section, we talk about changing . . . keep reading

  18. Before You Begin
    img {border: 0;} *, p, li {font-size: 14px;} h3 {border-bottom: 1px solid #000;} Before You Start It should go without saying that you . . . keep reading

  19. What you need to know before you come to the retreat center.
    Any mentee that is getting ready to come to the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center needs to watch this video to prepare for their video shoot on Retreat Friday. . . . keep reading

  20. The Wordpress "Ping" List!
    tom antion
    This is the "ping" list you'll need to add to your Wordpress blog to notify the directories of your postings. DO NOT send your blog posts to these lists until you have tested your blog and made it as great as it can be. . . . keep reading

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Here's what our students are saying ...

Gloria Starr, Tom's first millionaire student

Click on buttons to listen to Gloria Starr

"This is Reality Internet marketing on Steroids!

I loved the small group atmosphere. We all helped each other and a really hot deal came out between me and another attendee...

I couldn't believe how gorgeous and big his home is. The room I stayed in was the most luxurious I've ever been in."

Joan Stewart

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Joan Stewart's Video

"I got my million dollar idea from Tom at the opening reception the night before we actually started training. I attended another big name guru’s retreat for $5,000.00. Plus I paid for my own hotel and local transportation and I hardly even saw the 'guru'.

Tom was there the entire time and I got every single question I had answered over the 4 day period. This training retreat was worth many multiples of what I paid."

Dr. Jeff Hockings

Click on buttons to listen to Dr. Jeff Hockings

"It was like a big brother experience where we were led in the right direction by someone who cared about us.

"My head is still spinning with all the ideas for making money that I came away with. And they were all personalized just for me... This is the most valuable program I have ever attended, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. And the icing on the cake is that you stay in Tom's new digs in Virginia Beach that is fit for a king."

Sandy Dumont
The Image Architect

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