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Welcome to the Great Internet Marketing Training Site website. This is the home of one of the most exclusive Internet training programs in the world.

As a visitor to this site you may access my very extensive resource / link section at the bottom of this page and also my article categories and titles. I hope to welcome you into my program some day.

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Internet Marketing Mentor Program / Joint Venture Program with Tom Antion

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You get:
  • Initial get to know you one-on-one call to evaluate where you are and lay out a plan to get you where you are going.

  • Access to this complete private and exclusive password protected membership site which includes 500 training modules and 160 resources you need to know about. We have written articles, tons of downloadable and streaming audio files and training videos on all aspects of high level Internet marketing.

  • Complete Internet Marketing training kit (includes 14.5 hours of audio training, 5.5 hours of video training, Plus a 1,040 page reference manual)

  • Approximately 4 Internet Marketing Teleconference / rap sessions per month. If you can't make them, it's no problem. They will be rebroadcast.

  • Unlimited Email questions answered by me or an appropriate expert.

  • Unlimited Phone consultation with me personally.

  • Ebay Program

  • Amazon Best Seller Program

  • Affiliate Program

  • 25% Discount on products, seminars and services.

  • 6 ads per year in "Great Speaking" E-zine or blog (a $630.00 value)

  • All my public TeleSeminars for free.

  • One page sales letter site complete with custom graphic and we buy the domain name for you and host it for a year.

  • A CD Product where I interview you in a talk show format. We label and package the Product and provide you with your first 50 copies.

  • A half day of production time in my new TV studio. We'll shoot you in a talk show format with me as the host or you can bring your own host. OR, you can shoot whatever you want with you as the main event. ($4000.00 value)

  • Immersion Weekend at the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center ($4995.00 value)

Basically you get me on your team to get you profitable as soon as possible and to teach you the things you need to know to stay profitable on the Internet.

Deposit to enter the program: $7995.00 enrollment for one year.

The balance of your tuition will be paid out of your profits on projects we work on (subject to our training agreement) You will pay 25% of your profits (not gross) up to a cap of $50,000.00.

Being based on "profits" instead of gross is as fair as fair can be. You have to be making money before I get my money.

Why did I develop this new program?

The reason I started this joint venture / mentor program is that I could no longer afford to operate my old mentor program. I don't mind saying that I'm so good at Internet marketing, it was no longer cost effective for me to run the old program.

Let me explain.

In my old program, people paid $4000.00 to have total access to me for a year. I talked to them one-on-one, I answered email questions all day and night and pretty much nurtured and trained them for a year.

My results with the mentees was stellar. I have at least one e-millionaire (that will admit to it hahaha), many people making 10,000.00 plus a month and lots of success stories.

Here's my problem:

I can spend just a couple hours laying out one email promotion and bring in more than $4,000.00 . . . sometimes up to $50,000.00. You can see a couple hours compared to 50 or 100 hours taking care of one mentee for a year just doesn't make sense. . . . Especially since I'm already working 16 hours a day.

I still want to help people that are serious. I invented this program so that I could charge enough up front to make sure I got serious people who would do what I tell them and get paid enough on the back end (only if I got them profitable) so that I could afford the enormous amount of time necessary to help them learn what took me eight years day and night to learn on my own. The mentees in the program feel this is VERY fair.

Big Bonus

Many of you have heard about the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center, which is the only facility of its kind in the world. Included in this program is a trip to the center where you live with me for 4 days and immerse yourself in "Reality" Internet marketing.

All you have to do is get yourself to Norfolk International airport where we pick you up in a limo and put you in the lap of luxury while you get your deep level and personal Internet training. Class size is normally only six people.

This program is clearly not for everyone

Of course, a program like this is not for everyone. If you think you can figure all this stuff out on your own without making too many very costly mistakes, then you don't need me.

Don't forget though, for me to get my $50,000.00 you will have profited $150,000.00 and will have become an expert level Internet marketer in the absolute least amount of time, with the least amount of mistakes.

I want to be on your team to make this happen.

Also, you may not be willing to give up $50,000.00 of your profits for the training. That's OK with me too. I've got 75 people in the program now who keep me busy.


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